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"Dreaded" laying worker bees: Ethical question - what's best for the bees?

Greetings -- I am a new beekeeper with my first hive. Without going into too many details, I have a dead queen and 3 combs of laying worker…

Started by Carrie Christopher

10 on Thursday
Reply by Daniel Johnson

Looking to start a Bee hive in Corrales, NM

Hello, I am a new bee keeper and am looking for a queen and some worker bees. I was looking at Zia Bee company ( a…

Started by Dorian Folie

5 Apr 21
Reply by Dorian Folie

Virgin Queens

I have a couple virgin queens if anyone is interested. They were removed from the hives just before hatching from their cells. Cordovan and…

Started by Ben Noyce

0 Apr 14

Drying Up Brood?

One of my overwintered hives all of a sudden has a lack of bees (in the last week to week and a half), no capped brood and dried up looking…

Started by Christina Parlapiano

3 Apr 10
Reply by Jefferson

Need a mason not afraid of bees

Hello, we need to find a mason not afraid or allergic to bees to repair our cinder block wall. We had someone come out today who will do th…

Started by Camille Cunningham

0 Apr 8

New hive introduction - runaway queen after 2 days / BeeWeaver bee maintenance Qs

Greetings, all -- I am a new beek in the 2-year 2015 apprentice program (NM Beekeepers Assoc.) and I just got a BeeWeaver package w/clipped…

Started by Carrie Christopher

3 Apr 8
Reply by Carrie Christopher

Does this look normal?

Another question from a novice in far eastern NM where not a lot of beek info is available:  I opened my hive today to put the queen exclud…

Started by Benny Adams

0 Apr 5

black comb, dead bees

Hi - We left all the honey in the hive for our bees over the winter. We opened it a couple of weeks ago and most of the comb was black, the…

Started by Tom and Edite Cates

0 Apr 5

No Honey Badgers in ABQ!

Turns out, Honey Badger DO CARE!  :)

Started by Ian Vill

0 Apr 5

free bees

any one interested in 3 tires full of bees ? about a 2yr old hive .

Started by ron brooks

4 Apr 3
Reply by ron brooks


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