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2019 Apiary Tour - Open to all - and apology to those who did not already know that

My name is Brittany Gaume and I volunteered this year to be on the committee that organizes the Apiary Tour. You might recognize me from the ABQ Beeks meeting. If I haven't gotten a chance to get to know you yet, I really look forward to doing so in the future.

I am writing today regarding the fact that the Apiary Tour is open to the public. Anyone can come on the tour as long as the register for the tour on the website and confirm their email address. There seems to be some confusions that the tour being open to the public is new to this years tour. I understand that this was not always the case, however, this has been the case for at least a few years. When we learned that some of the host sites were not aware of the fact that the tour was open we apologized for not communicated that fact to them as we had thought that is was general knowledge that the tour had been open to the public for a few years. We then reached out to all the host sites to let them know the tour was open to the public and to be sure they were still comfortable being on the tour, some host sites have declined and others wanted to remain on the tour and seem excited. 

I myself was not a bee-keeper in 2017 and my friend who is not a bee-keeper learned about the tour from the table at the fair. She invited me to come and myself and three others (not involved with ABQ Beeks or NMBKA in any way) went on the tour in 2017. It was from that tour I realized that I wanted to learn how to keep honey bees and I joined ABQ Beeks. I have attended most of the meetings since that tour in 2017. Had the tour not been open to the public I do not think that I would have ever found the ABQ Beeks meetings and I would not have been able to be part of such an amazing group of people.

While we completely understand that some people are uncomfortable with opening up their yards to the public and we respect their decisions, we hope there enough tour host sites this year who are comfortable with the tour being public and who want to spread their love of honey bees, bee keeping and their knowledge about pollinators to those who might not get another chance to learn about all these amazing things.

My hope is that we can put aside any misunderstandings around the open or closed nature of the tour and move forward to grow our community and by doing so exponentially increase the collective knowledge about protecting pollinators. Thank you for letting me come to the tour in 2017, for letting me join this organization, and for trusting me (as part of the committee)  with organizing this year's tour. 

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Hello Ms. Gaume,

I've just applied to join the Albuquerque beeks today and hope to be accepted for the longer term learning.  I am one year into keeping bees and would like to join this tour. 


Jim Handley

Hi James, 

Welcome to the group! Did you want to be a host site on the tour or did you just want to attend the tour? If its the later, please register at and you will be emailed a link to confirm your email. You will receive another email closer to the tour with a link to the map of host sites. 

If you would like to be a host site, please email me at and I will get you an application form. 

Looking forward to meeting you,

Brittany Gaume


My home and bee setup are not ready to get on the tour.  I did RSVP for the tour as you directed.

I am so glad you registered for the tour. 

I hope you can also make it to our monthly meeting on September 24 at 6:00pm at the Unitarian Church on the corner of Comanche and Carlisle. 



That is my plan!  Thank you for your positive welcome.




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