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Abq Beeks State Fair Volunteer Sign Up! September 11, 2013 to September 22, 2013 – State Fair, Agriculture Building

We only have a few slots left!, with most on the second weekend.  I would like to invite everyone to come to the fair for free, and spend a couple of hours telling people about beekeeping.  No experience necessary.  Hurry and get your time slot reserved!

We will have an observation hive at the fair, as well as lots of handouts for the adults and coloring sheets for the children of all ages.  It is really a lot of fun!

Parking and fair admission is free.

All spots have been filled, but anyone wanting to help is welcome.  We might need to fill a spot on Sunday, September 22 from 3 to 5pm.  Please send messages to including your phone number and email address.

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Hi Ted, sign me up for Sept 22nd, from 10-12. Jessie Brown

You've got it Jesse.  Only 8 time slots left!

I would like to volunteer for Saturday Sept 14, 3-5pm. Thanks - Katie Emmer

Hi Ted, please sign me up for Sat, Sept.21st from 12:30-2:30. 


I'm a novice and I can't be much help with info, though.


Please let me know if that's okay.




You will be there with another beekeeper.  You also know more than most of the people you will meet there.  Be enthusiastic and hand out flyers and things.  You will do fine, and probably have a great time!  Be sure to have fun, that's the important thing.  Thanks for your help!


Hi Ted, please sign up Ken and Diane Reese for Sunday Sept 15th, from 3-5. Thanks!  Diane 

Thanks, Ken and Diane.  You are on the list!  That leaves only 5 time slots unfilled!!

Hi Ted.  I volunteered for this event in 2011!  What fun.  Please sign me up for Saturday, September 31st, 3-5 adn Sunday September 22nd, from 3-5 with Megan.   Thanks!

Only one spot left!  Of course, people can double up if more want to participate!


For everyone coming to the fair, if I don't have contact information for you, please send your email and phone numbers to me at  I need contact information for the following people:

Elliott Espinosa

Diane Reese

Contact information is required so I can send information about the fair and coordinate the use of the parking pass.


Hi Ted,

I'll take the last slot if still open - Sunday 9/22 12:30 - 2:30.

thank you,

Cathy Elliott

Hi, Ted,

I see you have one space left on Sept. 22. If it's still open, I'd like to take it.

Denise Tessier


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