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anyone interested in cutting out some really aggressive bees with me this week or weekend?I think maybe these bees

which are in rio rancho should be tested they are the meanest ive seen this season! any takers?

Hi Ron,

Out of curiosity what does one do with really mean bees, i wasted a small fortune trying to turn around a really mean hive, not to mention the trauma to my livestock and family, all for not as they were unmanagible and outright dangerous. 

Advice I've heard is the destroy a hot hive.  No point in letting that aggression spread.

True no one wants mean bees I know I don't ,I was able to introduce a new queen to a hot hive last year ,it took about 3 months before I can really say there was a change and I still have them ,they are totally different,I have cut out 2 hot hives this year, another bee keeper wanted to try a new queen with them? The other I put directly into the freezer and I still have them if  anyone is interested in testing them.IM with you when it comes to getting rid of aggressive genetics!

not sure I just put the whole box in the freezer,,24 hrs at least

anyone out there doing testing on Africanized honey bees ? I started a cutout yesterday and the bees are

the most aggressive I have seen this year! they are down right nasty!they will be put in the freezer by the end of this day

I hate to do this but these genetics we don't need ! right? 5058046794

Hi Ron,

Sorry to hear about this cutout being so hot, Check with the county extension agent they can let you know where to send the sample, and what the fee is.  I have picked up a couple of colonies that are hot but managible, and have a friend that pulled a really hot unmanagible colony out of Albuquerque recently. Everytime I come across one of these colonies I really agonize with what to do with them, so I understand the dilemma. For those following this thread please be aware that requeening is an option but one needs an isolated bee yard to safely work with them.  Requeening can be very difficult if they are africanized as the workers often reject efforts to requeen and oddly enough their are documented cases where a laying aficanized worker bee can produce a viable queen. Aficanized bees use this strategy to take over an existing colony a small group of workers will land on an existing hive and enter the hive at night or bribe their way in and once they are in they go to work producing their own queen and eventually they kille the existing queen so their queen can emerge and take over the hive.

Nice , good info and thanks,these bees followed me down the road,went after horses and

had all the people running inside,there were about 100 bees trying to get inside my suit

the whole time I was working,this is a huge difference between the nice bees I have been cutting out lately!

its done,frozen bee stakes...just kidding I really hate to kill that many bees.


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