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My wife and I will be moving into our house in NE Heights full time from early next year. I'm keen to start keeping bees but I wondered if there were any local ordinances/laws concerning how and where a hive can be sited in regards to neighbors, sidewalks, etc.

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there are many of us beekeepers in the NE Heights......   I am not aware of any local ordinances in our area, but if you are moving to an area with an HOA, your ordinances many vary...

Hi Jim-

Did you find anything. I just moved and my neighbors are not excited to see my bees. 



The City of Albuquerque has no ordinances or regulations concerning the keeping of bees on your property.  You may not,

however, operate a beekeeping business from your home.  As a matter of course, it is polite and neighborly to let your neighbors know that you keep bees.  You should offer to show them what is involved--show them your hive (hives), what you do when you work the bees, etc.--and when you harvest, offer your neighbors a portion.  I live next door to a school, and people walk by my hives morning, noon, and evening, and most of them are not even aware the bees are there.  If you'd like to get some ideas from how I keep my bees, please contact me.  Joe

Hi Joe

Thanks very much for the info. Beth, I hope it helps you too.

Still in Michigan at the moment. My wife has a week or so left before her retirement and then we will be alternating between New Mexico and Michigan until our house here is sold. We've had some interest, but no bites yet.

Look forward to meeting you all.

Jim M.

Consider contacting the City at 311, to get to the Environment and Health Department, to bee placed on the "no spray" list for mosquito fogging. " Residents who don't want their property sprayed can register for the No-Spray List. To register for the no-spray list, call 311. A 1000-foot buffer is maintained around the property as a no-spray area. This list is specifically maintained as part of the mosquito control program; other pesticides may be applied in the area by different agencies for different purposes."


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