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Anyone else experiencing high bee losses so far this fall/winter?  I am down to three hives from the seven I closed up in October from two different bee yards.  All the same, full stores, no bees left except the queen, a few nurse bees and capped brood.  Such a total bummer!  All strong going into winter, or so I thought.

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Had the same thing happen to one of my hives and know of two others that also found their bees gone.

Same with one of my 4,  all bees gone in late November.  2 others don't seem to have any activity on the warm afternoons, so they may be gone as well.  They were strong hives with lots of honey stored.

Same here all three colonies just gone in late November. They all had honey and good numbers when I checked in October.

Just opened one of my hive boxes and found the bottom filled with dead bees. There was unhatched brood and lots of honey. I have no idea what happened.

I had the same tragic loss; all that was left were 2 small clusters of dead bees, and lots of honey. Tracheal mites? I treated for varroa mites in the fall, but still, a couple of the dead bees had varroa mites on them.

I've lost both my hives in a similar manner to what others have described.  Loads of capped honey left behind.  In the top bar there were two syrup feeders that were left half full, in addition to lots of capped honey.

What does anyone think about the possibility that one cause may be the extended drought?  Did they go searching for water?  It's the one thing that is different from the last few winters.  I can't help but think that this happening to multiple beekeepers might have a common cause.

What are you doing for mite monitoring/treatment? What you are describing sounds like a mite crash.
I need about three mason jars full of dead bees if anybody has any Steve Chavez 505-315-7499

Same thing happened with my two hives.  One hive in particular was strong through the summer and early Fall, then when I checked in mid-December, it was nearly empty of bees, queen still present (though little brood), and lots of honey.  Two days later, no remaining bees.  

Here's hoping this season is less impacted.




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