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In December 2017 my bees absconded leaving my hive completely void of any bees. Frames full of honey for the winter. I have put out sugar water for these bees just in case they were nearby and hungry/thirsty. Last night (Jan. 7,2018) I had about 12-18 bees in my kitchen leading me to believe that they found their new home in my attic. How can I capture them? Anybody with a bee vacuum to collect them? Is this a good time of the year to do this? Advice on what to do with them if captured. I would like to keep them if possible (I'm too old to get up into my attic). Any ideas or information is appreciated. Thanks, Ken...

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hey ken, if they found a safe place,it maybe better to leave them till spring, you can call me anytime ,i will help you.8046794



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