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Hello everyone, tomas here, just thougt I would share something that I found interresting today. I was called out to an elememtary school to take care of a "bee incident" Was told that there was a swarm of bees in a tree on the playground.

When I arrived they had the section of the play ground roped off with the tree in center. Bees were everywhere in and on the tree. I searched and searched but could not find a swarm. On further inspection I noticed that the bees were on the leaves and the leaves were very sticky. It was a pin oak and after the rain sap was oozing out of the leaves. The ground below the trees was sticky. It finally occured to me that the bees were collecting and making propolis. Of course they were extremely gentle. I had to capture a few in my bare hands to convince the principle and the vice-principle that there was no danger to the children.

just thought I would share


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What an unusual and beautiful tale. So apparently, the girls were taking advantage of rain sap to winter-proof their hives?
Thanks for sharing this story, it is very interesting and educational.


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