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Someone from the Rio Grande compound (just off of Rio grande and Campbell), let me know that a branch fell off a cotton wood tree and now there are a lot of bees flying around. It must have been part of their hive. If someone wants to check it out please call me, 575-496-0518. 

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Actually, since the tree is on city Open Space property, Matthew Peterson, OSD forester, would like to work with an experienced beekeeper who is willing to remove the gum laying on the ground before OSD removes the rest of the limb. Most of the bees are in swarm format +30' high in an adjacent tree. I'm guessing from the size of the swarm and the age of the comb that this is a nice feral hive, and even if you don't get the bulk of the bees, you'll get some good brood and a lot of honey. Please contact Matthew at (505) 452-5204, or by email: 

Should be resolved by tomorrow afternoon.


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