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I have several boxes of Walter Kelley hive foundation made of beeswax, for shallow hives - 17.25" x 5.25" x 2.125". I would like to give them to a beekeeper as I am no longer actively involved in beekeeping. I thought someone among the ABQ Beekeepers might want to have them. I look forward to hearing from you...

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I have comb supers that may be called shallow; however, is this all wax foundation or is there wire going through it?  I could use some comb super wax foundation, if you think it will fit my frames.  You can call me at 823-1045 to discuss , if you would like.  Thanks.  Mike Griffin

Hi Mike and thanks for your reply. The foundation is wired every few inches. I re-measured to be sure, and came to realize that I have two sizes:  they are 5" x 17" (2 boxes) and 9" x 17" (1 box). Let me know if these might be of use to you and we can discuss logistics. 

I definitely can put the 9 x 17 foundation to good use.  Can you call me at 823-1045 (hm) or 463-3812 (cell) to arrange to get together.  I live in the NE Heights area off Eubank and Paseo del Norte.  Thanks

Hi Mike,

I apologize for dropping off the grid - went on travel and brought home an illness. Finally back to speed so will give you a call tomorrow if you still want the foundation.

I could use some if you still have any left ,8046794 why are

you getting out of bee keeping,if you don't mind my asking?


I am still interested.  Talk to you tomorrow.




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