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Warm temps, hungry bees, no nectar flow = robbing.  There be pirate bees out there.

I lost a box today.  When I got home from work there was a lot of activity.  Blocked the entrance and by dark the frenzy of bees trying to get in left.  Peaked in the hive, just a hand full of dead bees and some trapped robbers.  Not sure if the hive died then the robbing started or if the robbers chased off the residents. 

Brought in what was left of the honey and comb.  Going to sequester my other hive for a day (screen them in) while the robbers realize the jackpot is gone and hopefully move on.

Make sure if you hive is a little week you keep the entrance reduced.

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I noticed some activity last week.  Closed down hive entrances,  Need to go back and check tomorrow, weather permitting.


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