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Hi everyone- Thanks for letting me join-

My name is Jeremy. I am happy to be here and was hoping to make some meetings here soon. I have been interested in beekeeping for a while now and recently decided to act. I may have jumped the gun a bit as I just ordered a Warre Hive and would like to get it populated ASAP. 


I have been researching some basic beekeeping over the past month or so and am a little wary of adding bees at this point as I do not want to make any fatal mistakes and endanger the bee's (or my family)

I would really appreciate some suggestions or feedback on wether I should wait or proceed and what steps should take now that I have a hive and am very excited to dive in?

Thanks all- 

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Start attending meetings and the mentoring sessions, and pick up a basic beekeeping book (there are tons at the library).   With bees you totally learn by doing!

Thanks Elizabeth! 

Get into a mentor program. It amounts to a beekeeping apprenticeship. Figure it will take you some time, how much is up to you. Generally, don't RUSH into anything in beekeeping. Remember the bees were doing this long before we people were involved and usually they will get along fine without our intervention.

Personally, I've never used Warre hives but I know there is a group on here that focuses on them. Join that group if you haven't already. Much of advanced beekeeping is learning the various techniques used with different equipment 

We are approaching the time when people start hives. Usually done in April sometime, around here. It varies with location and weather. Like all things having to do with agricultural livestock, when to do it varies from year to year. That is the part that makes you a beekeeper. Weather this year is very weird and I personally know beekeepers with hives all the way from just "breaking cluster" to raising drone brood. Yeah, I know, meaningless to you but about 2 months of development. What is "normal".... all we can say is that this year it ain't. ;-)

Most beginners start with a package of Italian bees from Papa Bear's Honey  These bees are very gentle, easy to work and generally productive. There are pros and cons to all races of bees and many experienced beekeepers may use other races that may better match their needs.

Thanks Jerry-

I have researched bee breeds and have contacted Craig at Papa Bear's. I have ordered two packages of the Italians he has coming. 

I have been reading and watching YouTube tutorials for months but i am sure interacting with a living hive is much different and that is what i feel i need some experience in. 

I will actively try to participate in mentoring when possible. I have three young daughters and my time is limited but am excited and eager to learn all i can. 


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