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Howdy folks,

We are trying to fill in some empty space in our bee display.  There are parts of the display that are just empty, and we'd like to set up the different sections with the following:

Beekeeping tools:

If you have any old smokers, hive tools, brushes, veils etc please contact me below.  I'm shooting for old tools to achieve a rustic look but I'll take anything - even if its somewhat broken.  Up to and including parts of Langstroth hives.  We are considering taking an old Lang and sectioning it (without the bees of course) so people can see a cross-section of what a Langstroth looks like on the inside.


We'd like to showcase the diverse collection of NM honeys.  They can have labels.  We are shooting for an array of colors of honey as well as showing visitors how many different local producers there are here in NM.   

If you are interested in donating, please contact me, Josh Butler @

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