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CALLS NEEDED! UNM Wild Friends Memorial for pollinator friendly labeling of plants!!!

Wild Friends is in the final stages of passing a very important Memorial at the Legislature this week which would label pollinator friendly plants with local nurseries and growers in New Mexico. See below for a message from Sue George, UNM director of Wild Friends.

This is a critical moment. Please CALL...

Good morning!

The students met with the chair of the House Agriculture committee yesterday, and he wants to hear from farmers and beekeepers if they support the memorial (anyone connected to agriculture).  This is based on the fallout from last year's session that we've discussed.

Could you possibly alert your membership to have folks fax letters ASAP (986-4610) and/or make phone calls Monday morning (to any and all committee members)?  The committee meeting is Tuesday morning, and we are first on the agenda.  It would also be great to have anyone who can come to stand in support. 

Thank you!  I'm attaching the memorial for anyone who needs it.  It is important for folks to say that the memorial will benefit agriculture, and how pollinators impact agriculture in NM.



Bill Gomez, Chair     986-4341

Candie Sweetser, Vice Chair     986-4255

Paul Bandy     986-4214

Randal Crowder     986-4243

George Dodge     986-4318

Candy Spence Ezzell     986-4211

Nick Salazar     986-4432

Bob Wooley     986-4454

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