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Anyone else seeing CCD this late fall?  I went to check hives today and two out of three in one bee yard were gone except the queen and about thirty additional workers, tons of honey and pollen.  No dead bees on the ground or in the hive.  It's such a bummer as it was my oldest hive but she was a new queen from this summer.  Anyone else?

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Sounds like a mite crash. One of mine did the same thing this week.

I haven't been in my hives for almost two months, but I had 3 out of 4 hives in one yard abscond in September, in the Rio Grande Valley.  Not a single bee left in the box, everything else is there.

Yes, One of the two hives I have in my NE Heights backyard is gone. Lots of resources, no bees. These girls were by far the strongest and best producing I've had in 11 years. They started out as a huge 7# 10oz swarm in late April (thanks Don). I reduced both hives to 2 boxes (langs) for the winter on Oct 3rd and reduced entrance size mid November. Activity at the entrance in the last couple weeks seemed light but I wrote it off to the weather. 

I'm going to open the hive tomorrow and harvest. This sucks.

Update: The hive that left must have needed company because the other hive is empty also. Batting 1000

Out of 8 hives in two different yards 15 miles from each other, going into "winter" I am now down to 3.  All were very strong with a lot of stores.  This is the largest bee loss I have had in 5 years.  I am shocked!

Here's an article describing fall varroa collapse. It sure sounds like what you're describing.


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