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I got a call about an active hive. I went to check it out and it would require a cutout which I am not capable of doing. It is easily accessible and is located inside a down spout and wall of a patio home in Sandia Heights.  I have attached a picture (with bad lighting).  Let me know if you are interested or can help them. They do not want to kill the bees but their neighbors are not too happy with them.  It seems rather large with lots of activity. 


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How long has it been there?
The bees have been living there for about 2 years.

No one can help these people?  Any ideas who they can contact for someone who can before they spray them?

Yes. They know it has to be done. They also know that it won't be free.
I think I can help send me the info.?

I had found someone.  Thanks Jefferson!


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