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Anyone know a local place to buy nice glass jars for storing honey?  I want 8 - 16 oz. jars and don't want to have to pay the exorbinant shipping prices on the web; plus buying local is always good to me.



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Any of the hardware stores and grocery stores have canning jars out right now in 8-16 oz sizes. Ace Hardware is the only local supplier of 4 oz jars. I've also seen fancier jars at Cost Plus.

Awesome, thanks!  I know WallyWorld (WalMart) has them but I hate that place and don't want to give them my business.

I'll try Ace and Cost Plus.



Hi James.  You can also go to Tricor-Braun, which is over near the Century Rio 24 Movie Theatre off of I-25 in Albuquerque.  I'm sure you can find their address on the web.  They have an assortment of jars since they supply the food industry.  the only caveat in buying from them is it requires a $100 minimum order when you go over there to buy something.  They also sell food grade plastic 5 gallon buckets with two types of lids.  If you need some of those that could add to your order to get you to the $100 minimum.  Hope that helps.
Yes, that helps a lot.  Thank you for the great info!



Tricor Braun

5840 Midway Blvd. NE

Suite B

Albuquerque, N.M.



They have a nice selection including some hex jars.  Check them out.  Tell them John from San Juan Apiaries sent you.

Sorry I did not see the previous post.  I was just there last week, and spent $58.00.  I have never heard of them requiring a minimum purchase.   

No problem John.  Thanks for letting me know there may not be a minimum.

I will try and get over there this week.




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