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This has been a fantastic swarm season. I suspect many of us have been kept busy chasing swarms. I have lost some and caught some. I am wondering if I might get more hives than I can handle. I suspect others may be in a similar situation. I am considering placing two of my swarms up for sale. 

My question is whether or not there is an existing mechanism for getting prospective sellers and buyers together. If not, perhaps we need to set one up.

In any event, I am prepared to negotiate the sale of two colonies I am establishing from swarms.

Reynold Conger

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Hi Reynold, check out the NM Beekeepers Association website. There is a brand new Classifieds area where you can post items for sale. It's free to list and sign in. Make sure to sign in first, just like the Abq Beeks website. Resources> Classifieds.

Thank you, I will look  into it.

Why don't you just use the newspaper trick and merge the two "extra" hives you have with some existing hives? Kill the queen in the weaker hive, put newspaper on top of a strong hive with a few small holes in the paper, then put the weaker now queenless hive on top. They will chew through the paper in a couple days and you will have a fairly large strong hive.

or you could merge the two hives and  give the other queen to

someone with a queen less hive? 

Ron and Jefferson both have great ideas. I merged hives last fall when I had a queen die. This spring I responded to a swarm call only to find the homeowner had sprayed the swarm with wasp spray. I collected what bees remained alive. The queen did not survive so I merged those bees with another hive via the newspaper trick.

My problem is that I seldom see the queen. I have an aging marked queen that needs to be replaced. I know she is alive because I see her brood (dwindling). but I have not seen her in two years. I got to catch her before I can replace her or merge her hive.


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