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Tis the season to start thinking about nucleus colonies for next year. If you were on the swarm list last year, you'll know that there weren't enough swarms to go around so if you want to be certain of a new hive, consider ordering a nucleus colony of bees.


Out-of-State Sources:

Local Sources:
Have a favorite supplier that's not on the list, please leave a comment with their website or #.

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Hi Chantal,


I have a spanking-new TB hive to populate this spring. How does one go about joining the swarm list?

Hello Aly, thanks for the nudge! I've just set up the 2011 swarm list. You can sign up here.


According to Melanie, Zia will start taking orders the day after MLK day, Jan 18th.

Zia site seems to be down.

How very dramatic! Give it a try again, Peter, as it seems to be up right now.

I actually have become a distributor for Lee Knight out of Lehi Utah and have bought 105 – 4 pound packages of honeybees.  They are a cross with the Minnesota Hygienic and a "varroa sensitive hygiene" (VSH) Italian honeybee.  The bees that I have gotten from Lee have been very gentle and I have been very pleased with them.  I will be bringing them down from Utah on the 30th of April.  It is an alternative to Nucs and could save some one from shipping costs.

I am interested in getting bees from you. Do you still have some left to distribute? I live in Placitas and am just beginning my beekeeping journey.


Thank you,



hey craig,you never responded to my email from way back,hopefully you have me down for atleast 2packs

of bees?

Sorry Ron I did not see an email.  I had some problems with emails as I was upgrading my site so it might have been hopefully one of the few emails affected.  You can order them on line again and now pay on line or I will send you a self-addressed stamped envelope for payment.  Let me know if you have any questions or problems and please let me know what you think of the new site.

We have ordered two packages;  One from Honeybee Genetics, the other from Beeweaver.  We plan to put the Honeybee Genetics bees into our Langstroth hive, and the Beeweaver ones will go into a topbar (or vice versa; I think one pkg is 3 lbs and the other is 4 lbs and we will probably put the bees from the smaller pkg into the topbar.  We had such a great demo from Les Crowder at the last meeting for doing the topbar. 


 Has anyone put package bees into a Lang hive, that could maybe give us some pointers or help us out?  Also, the Beeweaver bees are coming through Ken Hayes and we will pick them up on April 30.  We put April 18 as the delivery date for the Honeybee Genetics bees.  Should we change that to maybe a couple of weeks later?


We had hoped to get a nuc from Ken Hayes but he lost so many during the cold weather that he won't have enough available (if any); we had been #20 on his list.


We will appreciate any comments and advice!


Plus, we can hardly wait!!


Mike and Phyllis Griffin

Mike and Phyllis,


Beeweaver's website has a very good demonstrational video on how to install a colony into a Langstroth Hive.



Thanks Matt!  

We heard fro Honeybee Genetics yesterday; they are hoping to coordinate shipment of 5 packages of bees to Albuquerque on April 26 and were going to contact the other recipients...there would be quite a savings on the shipping cost if they can ship all together; so if we are all installing around the same time, maybe we can coordinate efforts and help each other out! 



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