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Hive in Cottonwood limb needs relocating. Affordable Landscaping & Tree Service is needing some assistance from area beekeepers. They have to remove a large cottonwood tree that is endangering a man's home south of Belen. There are honeybees in one of the limbs. They would like help from some area beekeepers to remove the bees.

Contact  Affordable Landscaping and Tree Service

Callie Flannigan at Tel: 505/264-2060

or her husband Tim at 505/417-9927 for more info.


Tim has been trimming limbs with a chainsaw and the bees and him didn't notice each other until recently. So...sounds like the bees are docile but care should be taken. Tim could remove the limb safely with a borrowed bee veil and smoker.


He and whoever can help him may be able to lower the severed limb with hive via rope to the ground and then the beekeeper can remove the nest (either there or relocate limb and dig into it at home). I have experience removing bees from tree limbs with a chain saw but am unable to help them due to our busy bee schedule. I can easily describe to whoever can help what will work for removing the nest easily and with integrity of comb preserved.


Hope some ABQ area beeks can help them out. Sounds like a fun removal, too!



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