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I’m moving to Colorado and won’t be able to take my 4 hives w/ me (grrr!)  I’ve got the two TJ Carr designed / J Fink constructed TB hives.  Each has a young queen.  I made one queen this Spring and the other queen is 1 year old. Both queens are strong and the bees are gentle.  These established hives have comb, honey and lots of activity. The two older hives didn't make it thru the winter and knowing that I was moving soon, I decided to not repopulate them, so they are empty for the moment.  These 2 empty hives used to belong to Les Crowder; I bought them from Les when he moved out of state.

My Carr/Fink hives are gorgeous and have windows.  I've had them on sawhorses, but I will be keeping the sawhorses.  Crowder's hives come with metal stands that his father welded; they're rough and built in the same vein as Les's "style" (au natural)

$750 for all four hives.  I don't want to piecemeal the sale at this time; all or none. Let me know if you're interested.  My email is; my cell is 480-6108.



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Hello Mace, 

I know you said you don't want to piecemeal them but if you become interested I would take one of your Fink top bar beehives.  Let me know. 




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