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Honey Plants of North America or Honey Bee Biology books to borrow

Hi, does anyone have "Honey Plants of North America" by John Lowell or "Honey Bee Biology" by Dewey Caron I could borrow for a couple of weeks?

Neither the UNM nor public library has them. :(


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I have copies of both.  You can reach me by email here, or @ 515-7973.



I'll text ya! :)


Texting me is fruitless. I don't text.  Joe

Will you be at the meeting this week?


I will not be at the meeting this week.  However, I'll see Ken Hays this Saturday at the Grower's Market, and I'll give them to him.  You can pick them up from his honey house in Bosque Farms on Saturday afternoon.  When you're finished with them, please return them to him and he'll bring them back to me.  Caron is coming to town later in September and I'd like to see him, get him to sign "Honey Bee Biology" (not that that will make it worth any more.  It's still a $75 textbook)


OK, great!

I'll see you at the Caron talk!


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