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How "Tight" should the construction of a Top Bar Hive be? and...

And... how tight should the "Followers" be ... Should there be "Bee Space" or should they be tightly fitting enough to exclude the bees from going into the "future-expansion space"???


I've got GAPS in my brand new, but "so far empty" hive that approach half of an inch in places... I imagine that the bees can fill them in... but... Should they have to? or should I do something about it? and if so... What?  (Mud, Caulking, Glue, Splines, etc) The sloped sides are two 6" boards that don't quite fit together, nor do they fit tightly with the bottom.  They are rough-sawn and I imagine air dried somewhat.  But, I'm guessing that they'll shrink and warp a little more as they dry further.


Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, so "Thanks" in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience. D

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