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I answered the Mentor survey that was sent out a few weeks ago and would like a mentor


I am wondering if those who responded to the mentor survey saying that they would like a mentor would be matched with someone. Can anyone advise?

If not, is there another place to go to find a mentor, or a mentor willing to take me on? I live in NE ABQ and am starting two hives with packages from Papa Bear. I am so excited! I have all my gear and my hive bodies so I am ready for the bees.



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Hi Birdie!

We are compiling the mentor/mentee lists now.  You should be receiving an email soon if you filled out the 'I Need A Mentor' survey.  If not, look into going to the mentor sessions at the Open Space Visitor Center.  Dates are posted in our calendar.  And, of course, the certified beekeeping program by NMBKA is excellent.



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