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Does anyone have an available queen?

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Hi, I'm also in need of a queen. Did you have any luck finding one? If so where. Thanks. Tim

I made several calls to queen makers in and out of New Mexico.  It looks like early April is going to be the earliest we will be able to get one.  Zia Queen may have some in early April.  You can also call the queen makers in California that are advertised in the American Bee Journal.  We have a couple of strong hives down in TRC, so we are planning on putting brood in our two queenless hives and having them make their own queens this time.  Do you want me to call you if I get a call from the businesses that have me on their waiting lists?  Laurie

Hi Tim,

I have two virgins caged that emerged today.

Call if interested: 505-796-2244

I'm located at Juan Tabo and Candelaria



I am getting ready to split a hive and am hoping to have a new nuc with a queen by the end of April. If you are interested in purchasing this, let me know...

If Laurie is not interested I am interested. 

Hi Mariam, I will keep you apprised! Am waiting for a warmer day to do the split, then it will likely take about a month to get up and running. How did the hive you purchased last year work out?!

Hi Mariam:  Go ahead and purchase the queen.  I am going to making a split in about two weeks with another hive and will have them make a queen then. 

Hi Anita!  How are you setting up your split? Every other frame from one hive, or just grab a whole box (if they both have brood)?

I'm considering doing a split, but I was hoping to give them a head start with a new queen. Not sure which way to go right now...



I took out the old queen from a very strong hive, which had lots of drone brood, and gave her about 5 bars of brood and a couple of bars of honey. Since she will lose her field force, I made sure there were plenty of bees in there. The nurse bees will evolve into the workers and the new brood will hatch out while she lays more. I put this in a full topbar hive so they can expand.

The hive I took the split from was left with freshly minted eggs (1-3 days old—look like tiny rice kernels in the bottom of the comb) so the workers could re- queen themselves within 30-45 days. I will just let that hive alone until the 1st of May so they can work their magic.

Does that help? If not, feel free to call me! 505-514-4982


Let me know when you are ready to sell.  


Hi Mariam, I am waiting for a warmer day....hopefully do the split. So, from that time, it will take about a month (maybe less) before the girls build a new queen and I can sell that to you. I will keep you in the loop...

If you want something sooner, I believe Tyler may have a few nucs with queens now.

Hi Mariam,

My nuc with a mated queen is ready for sale. Did you get something or are you still interested? I have about 10 bars or more—almost half a hive for $200.

Let me know.



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