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Hi all,

I am a college student looking for an internship.

I don't really have experience with beekeeping, but really want to learn. I see it as one of the most important and tangible steps we need to take to preserve so much that is beautiful on this earth as more and more people seem more concerned about short term economic results.

The only requirement from my school is that I need to work for 8 weeks, 40 hrs per week for a total of 320 hours. 

I'm enthusiastic free labor who really just wants the learning experience from someone who is really passionate about what they do.

Any leads?

Warm wishes,


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Hi Miranda, I saw this and I thought of Ken Hayes. He is a commercial beekeeper. You might google Hayes Honey Farm. There's no way most backyard beekeepers have a full time position for you, even though volunteers at times would be extremely helpful.

Hope this helps.


p.s. You could also check out Environment New Mexico, a non-profit advocacy group who has a primary focus on bees. Perhaps you could put together some hands on in the hive with advocacy. Non-profits always need help!


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