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Same thing as last year, I tried to order bees, but they are all sold-out. I tried last year to get some local bees, or have a beekeeper split a hive- but no luck :(  Is it too late to get bees? I want to make sure I can get bees before I get the gear.

I live off-grid on 80 acres outside of santa fe, with a csa farm next store and have a nice garden- so lots of flowers :) My intention at this point is to help do my part for the earth/environment by trying to increase the bee population, so not looking to start a business or anything.

We moved here from Oregon 3 years ago and am having a hard time connecting with like-minded folks. The beekeepers I've met around here do not want to share information or equipment, which is different than we are used to, but understandable.

Thanks & Peace,


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Hi Nick,

I'm looking for bees too.  I will contact you if I get a call for a swarm that I can't get to or if I have already obtained bees.

I can be reached at 695-6060.  Send me your phone number in case I hear about any bees.



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