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Looking for a nuc, or a queen and a couple of frames of brood.

Hello all,

I seem to have a hive that swarmed and did not manage to make another queen.  I've been trying to locate a queen with no luck, and am now concerned that things have gone on long enough that the hive will be too weak to survive with the addition of just a queen.  Please contact me if you or someone you know can sell me what I need.  Thank you

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Hi Chris,

I have some nucs and will next week have some virgin queens for sale. You may give me a call: 505-796-2244.



Hello Ryan,

I am interested in a nuc from you. Where are yuou located and what is the price for your nucs?

Thank You

Doug McDowell

Santa Fe 690-9999

Hi Doug,

I'm located in Albuquerque and the nucs are in the north valley.

The price for 4 frames (2 are food and 2 are brood) is $150.

The price for 10 frames (4 of which are the nuc), a hive body, bottom board, inner cover, and insulated top cover is $240. I'll even throw in an old redwood stand I have if you need to stand it on something for no extra cost.

The queens are grafted from a 2 year old queen I have so they should be more robust than those ordered out of state and grafted from first year queens.

Call for more specifics. I appreciate you interest and look forward in hearing back from you.





I have a few mated queens, and bars of brood.  Do you keep Langstroth or Top Bar?  I keep Top Bar.



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