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I'm a new member to the beeks forum. Thank you for allowing me to join. I am applying for a field tech position in California doing data collection with pollinators and would like to be as prepared as possible. After contacting the research facility they said I should seek out experience with pollinators. I was hoping maybe someone here would have a suggestion or available opportunities for me. Please feel free to contact me here or by email. 


Jade McLaughlin 

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Although this isn't directly what you're asking for, you may be interested in an upcoming talk about native bees that Dr Carril is giving at the Amigos de la Sevilleta annual meeting

Bee season won't start up yet for a couple of months so there might not be any work with pollinators available til then.
She might have a suggestion for you though as she researches native bees & pollination.

Thank you for the recommendation!


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