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Caught a "swarm" today that wasn't much of anything, however I'm going to go ahead and hive it anyway because I have an empty box.  It was rather tiny and I did not spot a queen.  (They went into the box pretty willingly but there wasn't a line of bees fanning at the entrance).  I think this could be someone's secondary or tertiary swarm, or this could be the stragglers left over from a recent swarm catch.

I've got pollen and honey stores for them, and they pretty happily got on the frames I brought with me, but I don't have any bees I can give them.

If someone has a frame of brood and I eggs I can give to bolster them, that would be awesome! I think it's early enough that if they are queen-right - or I can get them to be - they can still build up for the season.
Not sure what an appropriate swap would be: we can exchange frame for frame - I have deeps and mediums with foundation or drawn wax, or I can return the favor down the line?

I'm in the South Valley, by the National Hispanic Cultural Center and plan to drop the swarm into the hive later today.

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Hi I am am also by the Natioal Hispanic Center, what type of hives do you have?

Langstroth.  This was that little swarm that was posted on the NMBKA FB page.  It's itty bitty, but they seem to be hanging on...

Right now they are in a deep and it's way too much space, but I had taken deep frames over with me in my swarm box. 

Interesting, yeah i was curious because i live in the area.


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