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I lost an established hive to robber bees last year after harvest. The frames and foundations are clean except for one that had wax moths on it . Would anyone have suggestions about placing my new bees in the old hive to clean it up and establish a new colony? Should I put all new foundation on or use the old ones that seem fine. Bees have been buzzing around the hive feeding on warm days.
Also anybody having problems late summer with robber bees?

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hey Doug, Im sure you know robber bees always return to see if

they can still get in,for sure u will need to reduce the entrance when

you get your bees,wax moths hate the light and know how to hide

in tiny spaces. I would move the hive from this spot until the day my

bees arrive..confusing the robbers gps....meanwhile u could freeze

your good frames to be sure to kill off any hidden dangers.kill the wax

moths and larva! bees in large numbers have no problem cleaning out

old hives but this would give them a head start.


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