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I am a backyard "fruit farmer" near the River in Albuquerque's Central Valley  (Paseo & Coors).  We have multiple Stone fruit trees and many ornamentals in full bloom, yet I see no bees on any of the trees or ornamentals.   I see in other discussion threads that several folks have experienced mysterious hive losses.  (Bees just up and gone).    


+Has anyone else in the city limits or along the river noticed this problem?

+ Is there a problem with bee populations this year?    

+ Have the trees bloomed too early and it is still too cold for significant bee activity?

+ Anyone have a hive looking for a home of a couple of weeks?

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Additional post by  Terrance Connors.   Just this saw this post on another thread...

"Consider contacting the City at 311, to get to the Environment and Health Department, to bee [pun intended?] placed on the "no spray" list for mosquito fogging. " Residents who don't want their property sprayed can register for the No-Spray List. To register for the no-spray list, call 311. A 1000-foot buffer is maintained around the property as a no-spray area. This list is specifically maintained as part of the mosquito control program; other pesticides may be applied in the area by different agencies for different purposes.""

I live immediately adjacent to the Corrales Drain which frequently contains slow or standing water.   Could the City or MRGCD be spraying in this area?   Could this be the problem?



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