Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

The University of New Mexico does not offer classes in Agricultural fields, however there has been some interest in establishing a campus hive and in finding academic disciplines and/or researchers that do connect with bees in one way or another.
I found this book review as an example of what I looking for.
"Buzz is an ethnography that explores the complex and changing relationship between humans and bees, particularly in urban spaces. In their comprehensive look at urban beekeeping, sociologist authors Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut immerse themselves in the beekeeping culture of the five boroughs of New York City and a few Italian villages...Those expecting an entomologist perspective will be disappointed, but those who are curious about why people become apiarists or beekeepers and about the rising popularity of beekeeping will be reading contentedly."
Does anyone else know of anything else like this? The UNM Beekeeping Club brainstormed a little and came up with: Traditional Healing Practices, Linguistics (specifically analysis of the waggle dance), Eco-cultural Communication, Culinary Arts (Honey), Urban Geography (as evidenced in the attached book review), Biology, Botony, & Entomology, Sustainability Studies... Got any others?

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Honeybees don't link up with sustainability in quite the way a lot of people think they do.
They can outcompete native bees, who in many cases are flower-species specific; if that one species of flower disappears for one reason or another, then that species of bee may too.
As generalists, honeybees can much more easily find an alternative food source if one disappears.

Also, they tend to thrive on non-native plants, which recently caused a bit of an uproar after the seed packets that Cheerios and The Xerces Society distributed (the very same seed mixture that the Sierra Club distributes in their bee seed packets)

The Feb 2016 issue of Bee Culture has great article in defense of non-natives in order to support honeybees, which is a message that I think sustainability-type generally oppose.


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