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Does anyone have a Nuc for sale? I jus merged two hives and would like to start another hive.

Thank You

Doug McDowell

Santa Fe


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Hi Again Doug,

So, I don't know if you are interested, but I will have available on the 13th and 14th some queen cells for sale. They are coming from a grafting I did on the 4th. They will be $10 each. 

If you want to make more hives you follow these steps:

1.) Get a hive body and put in it 1-2 frames of brood with the bees on the frames, and in addition, put 1 frame of honey and 1 frame of pollen. Frames with a mixture of pollen  and honey (mixed food frames) are fine too and one (instead of two) of these mixed food frames will suffice. Having done so, you will have a 4 to 5 frame nucleus colony.

2.) Let the nuc sit in a cool shady place and reduce the entrance. In addition, I bundle a wad of grass and loosely pack it in the opening so the bees don't return to the queen right hive. Make sure it's well ventilated with an inner cover!

3.) Make sure the nuc is in a COOL shady place for 1 to 2 days.

4.) Towards the end of the second day get one (I use two) of the queen cells and insert it into the nuc. 

It's advantageous in the sense that if it works the new queen can breed with whatever is local to your area, it's also very inexpensive with respect to buying a 5-frame nuc (it only costs $10), and it will educate you in a new process of creating nucs rather than purchasing them. 

If it doesn't work just merge the nuc together again with one of your queen right hives or you can take another frame of brood that is mainly in the egg state and insert it into the nuc to see if you can get the hive to supercede a queen. This latter process will take you shaking some bees off of some of your brood frames (which will mostly consist of nurse bees) into your nuc from one of your big hives. You shake more nurse bees into the nuc to increase the density of bees in the nuc and augment the feeding they will do to the early stages of larva that will in turn lead the larva metamorphosing into well ripened queens.

Just some food for thought!



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