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Hello Everyone,

I will have virgin queens emerging next weekend (April 23rd). I do not have the space nor the extra bees to get them mated. I'd like to loan the virgin queen (VQ) to you with the agreement that if she gets mated successfully in your hive then you'll agree to pay me for the queen once she starts to lay, which should take a little over a week to verify. 

I'll supply the VQ to you in a cage, but you'll have to do the rest. If you haven't requeened then I can help you out with the process in terms of guidance. There's nothing to lose on your part. If the VQ is not mated in two weeks then I'll take your word for it and there's nothing lost except that you'll need to get a queen for your queenless hive or merge the queenless hive with a queenright hive.

Call me if you're interested: 505-796-2244.


Ryan Kowal 

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