Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Derek saved his bees by using the mineral shungite. His hives have no mites or disease and are docile. He placed about 5 small rocks of shungite at the hive entrance and the bees like to rub against it. When he placed shungite powder at the entrance with the rocks the bees began making new queens and Derek had to add 4 hives. He has also devised a way to add shungite powder to paint and has painted the inside if the hive boxes.

***Learn more about Derek's success in beekeeping at and on Youtube.

Shungite has anti-bacterial properties and has been shown to counter the negative effects on bees from electronic pollution (EMF/WIFI).

You can purchase shungite pieces at Southwestern Gems and Minerals on Central near Louisiana in Albuquerque. (Enter from eastbound Central during construction)

I make crystal tools to support body health. I always add drops of colloidal silver onto shungite to enhance its power. I pair it with a piece of selenite to also increase its power and expansion of the positive energy field.

Cindy N.

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