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Hello bee folk,

New package bees were installed in my hive last month, unfortunately they jumped shipped (swarmed and left). Such a bummer. This is probably due to the fact that the queen got out too soon. I've also read other reasons why this happens, including the following, which sounds plausible:

I am trying again to install package bees in a new hive, I will be receiving new bees tomorrow or Thursday. I will be sequestering the queen for much longer and I've been told that bees won't leave brood, so I'm thinking that having some brood for the new bees to care for might help in the establishment of a new hive. Or, as the article states, used brood comb can help the bees feel at home.

I have a langstroth 8 frame hive. I'm wondering if anyone could kindly spare a bit of brood or used brood comb?

Any advice is welcome as well! Thank you!


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I forgot to mention, I have shallows. Thanks again.

Thanks Becky!

Sorry Val, I just checked and don't have any brood yet in my Nob Hill hives (they just swarmed so are waiting for queens to mate, I think).

Thanks for checking Chantal!


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