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Hi all...thanks for attending the meeting last week.  We are getting down to end for state fair honey entries.  The deadline is September 7th.  You may drop of your entry at the county extention office all day long on the 6th of september, or on the morning of the 7th.  If you are not able to make those dates, please contact either myself via email or call 695-2331 and leave a message if I dont answer.  We can arrange a drop off time.  The official entries are a pint sized clear jar of honey (you may enter more than one color), a drawn out frame of honey, and 1lb blocks of beeswax.  If you would like to have anything else on display for the duration of the fair you can drop that off at the same time.  You will get it all back!   thanks, Megan

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Here is a photo I took of the Honey entries of last years 2010 NM State Fair.  I count only 13 bottles of honey, 3 comb honey and one wax entry.  I hope we can at least double or triple the entries this years NM State Fair.  Good luck everyone!


Thanks for all the info for the honey entry to the fair.  One question I still have is:  What is required for a label or tag and what should be on the label or tag?




Hi James....

that is weird that the labeling is not on the pdf.....i just called the county and hope to hear back from them soon.



The past 2 years all I have done is bring my honey jar (not labeled) and address labels.  The people at the fair taped a white tag to my entry and I put an address label on the tag.  If you bring address labels then it will save you time of not having to write your name and address on the white tag they tape to your entry.
that seems like a great idea Randy...thanks.  I haven't heard from the county hows about everybody include an address label or a piece of paper with that information. If anything needs to be changed I'll do it after the fact.  THANKS!

Hey Megan,  Have you heard anything more about the exhibit at the State Fair? I understood we/they/you would be looking for volunteers.



Hello there...when entering bee products into for the state fair you will have to fill out a separate card with info on it.  Your honey should be bottled in a clear jar with no stickers.  Any size over 8 ozs will be accepted.  I lb of wax is also fine.  Thanks!  Also, I posted a sign up sheet for volunteers in the event section of this website!  I will be setting up the display on if anybody has anything to add to that....please drop it off @ the county extension or contact me 505-695-2331

Megan and everyone,


The extension office is not accepting honey; they are saying that it must be delivered to the fairgrounds directly. The extension office staff actually didn't have any clue about the honey.

From what I have read in the pdf download is that you have to take the honey to the agricultural products section of the Agriculture building.  I don't know what gate that would be;  anyone know?

Hope this helps.


James, take gate 6 off of San Pedro and park right in front of the Agriculture Bldg on main street. Just follow anybody carrying gigantic squash or perfect tomatoes!




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