Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

A sweet congrats to all the bees and their keepers who have won ribbons in the New Mexico State Fair!


Section 127 Class 343
Cut comb extra light amber
Rhett Renoud, Blue (first)
Chase Bramer, Red (second)
Carlos and Tracy Aragon, White (third)

Section 127 Class344
Cut comb light amber
Chase Bramer, White

Section 127 Class 345
Cut comb amber
Chase Beamer, white

Section 128 Class 347
Chunk comb white
Sarah Renoud, Red

Section 128 Class 348
Chunk extra light
Rhett Renoud, Red

Section 128 Class 349
Chunk light amber
Carlos and Tracy Aragon, Red

Section 129 Class 352
Extracted Honey white
Rhett Renoud, Blue

Section 129 Class 353
Extracted extra light
Carlos and Tracy Aragon, Blue
Chase Bramer, Red
Laura Lovell, White

Section 129 Class 354
Extracted light amber
John Rainey, Blue
Roger Lorman, Red
Mike Griffen, White

Section 129 Class 355
Extracted amber (This is the most competitive class, so a special congrats to these winners!)
John Rainey/Lara Lovell, Tie for Blue Ribbon
DJ and Margaret Nickles/John Fwurherd, Tie for Red
Carlos and Tracy Aragon/Scott and Lori Hagen, Tie for White

Section 129 Class 356
Extracted Dark amber
Carolyn Hammack, Blue
Lewis Casey, Red
Djuro Zrilie, White

Section 131 Class 358
beeswax items
Carolyn Hammack, Blue

Section 132 Class 360
Dion Sanchez, Blue
John Feurherd Red
Elizabeth Lake, White

Commercial Section
Section 135 Class 368
Extracted light amber
Louella Costanza, Blue
Section 135 Class 374
Extracted amber
Louella Costanza, Red
Section 135 Class 375
Extracted dark amber
Louella Costanza

Junior Division
Class 140 Class 391
Extracted Honey, Light Amber
Will McGuire,Blue
Frederick Family, Red

Section 140 Class 392
Extracted Honey, Amber
Kelsey ?, Blue
Kole Tracey, Red

Section 132 Class 360
Haley Feurherd, Blue

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