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Hello everyone, tomas here, for all of you that are getting in bee packages in the next few weeks and are installing them into top bar hives.  I have straight combs available.  Many with honey and pollen in them.


Start your hives off right.  $20.00 each,  341-2650

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How long are your bars?

The actual top bar is between 22 and 23 inches,  the comb is 16 inches on the top, 9 inches on the bottom and 6 and 1/2 inches deep.

Hi Tomas, I would be interested in getting a comb.

Are you the same Tomas who presented at the Hubble House last weekend?  If so did you by any chance locate the building plans to your topbar hive? I'm new and still have to build my hive. (bees coming in April) and your hives seem  pretty straightforward and easy to build.

Hello Judith, yes I am the same tomas that presented at the Hubble House last weekend,   I can put together a quick drawing for you, It is very simple.  You can contact me at 341-250 or by this same e-mail.

Hi Tomas,  That would be fantastic.  Just email me here when you've got that drawing put together (hopefully soon) and I'll give you a ring to arrange a time to pick up the comb and the plans. 

Thanks a bunch.

PS Really really enjoyed the workshop. 

It is ready when you are,



Great, I'll give a ring tomorrow (only one digit is missing from your phone number)........?



Sorry, 341-2650

We bought a few combs from Tomas.  He showed us his apiary and inspected his hives while we were there.  It was amazing!  THANKS TOMAS!

Hey Tomas,

I am starting my top bar hive this year and would love to purchase a few combs from you. I built my own top bar hive and believe that my top bars may be slighty shorter than 22 inches, how wide is the comb? Would I possibly be able to cut the top bars down to fit my hive without damaging the comb? I will have to take a look and measure the exact length of my top bars and let you know. Thanks!



I cut the bars down that I got from Tomas and they fit perfectly in the hives.  So far I have 3 swarms and I am going out on a swarm call right now.  All the swarms are very happy with Tomas' combs.  The width doesn't matter much with the top bars.  The bees will build around it to suit their needs.


Awesome, thank you I will give him a call :)


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