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Hello everyone, tomas here, for all of you that are getting in bee packages in the next few weeks and are installing them into top bar hives.  I have straight combs available.  Many with honey and pollen in them.


Start your hives off right.  $20.00 each,  341-2650

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Hi Angela, I have combs, you can call me at (505) 341-2650. We can make the combs fit to your box. I can also be reached on my cell at (505) 414-7814. Thanks, tomas. 

Awesome, I will be giving you a call here soon, and get the exact measurements... can't wait, I get my bees May 10th, so if I could meet up with you before then that would be great! My cell is 505-702-9336. Thanks!

Can you eat that because i would love to buy some from you for allergy season.

Hello Ryan, tomas here, I do have combs that have honey in them,  and you can eat it.  I sell the comb honey for 10 dollars a pound.

Great!!! I'll give you a call tomorrow!


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