Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Noemi Arnold is a PhD candidate studying the native stingless bees of Oaxaca.  Beekeeping of native bees has been largely replaced by keeping the more productive - and therefore more lucrative - Apis mellifera.  But stingless bee beekeeping is a cultural tradition that predates the arrival of Europeans.  It provides all of the same nutritional and medicinal benefits of Western Honeybee beekeeping.  The Mayans wrote of the benefits of these bees well over a thousand years ago in the Tro-Cortesianus, or Madrid, Codex.  (Madrid for where it is housed now in  the Museo de América in Madrid, Spain.)

In collaboration with the NGO INANA (, The Bee Lady is working on stingless bee conservation and revitalization of stingless bee beekeeping.

Please consider a small donation to her campaign!
As of this writing she is $265 short of her goal, which is enough for two months of living there!

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Selection from the Madrid Codex

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