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Hi everyone!

I've had several people asking about the swarm list.  Please check your emails for the 'Beekeeping Practices' survey and the 'Swarm Survey'.  You MUST fill out the surveys to be added to the Swarm List that is referenced at the Extension Office when people call 311. Following that email is another email with forms for the Bee Removal List and Mentor/Mentee Match. The Bee Removal List is simply a list that people may reference when someone needs a removal, and/or when the swarm hotline is no longer active.  If your email on your account was not up to date, please update it and send me an email at so that I can send you the surveys and forms.  The deadline for filling these out is at midnight on March 16th.


Amy Owen

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can I get a link to the swarm survey? We had "wall bees" for so many years, but the colony either collapse or absconded last year...bought a nice warre hive and put it near the wall were the bees lived... but it sits empty. I am hoping to lure a swarm from my neighborhood with lemongrass...but all the swarms we use to see came from the wall not sure what will happen...I got the hive mostly to give my wall bees a nice home, but they "left" before it came last year...


(the last time my bees swarmed...11 months ago...wish I had caught that group :(


ps...i saw the bee removal and mentor/mentee list, but not the swarm list...

thanks again...i'm not really a beekeeper, more like a bee's kinda sad that I had wall bees for so many years and then finally ordered a hive to give them a better home (that wall got HOT in the summer...and it was tight in there...they would swarm a couple of times a year as they just outgrew that small space) that the bees just failed...just fewer and fewer bees and then finally by the end of the year the only activity was robber bees...maybe the queen perished?


Ps...northeast heights (near Sandra high school)


one open warre hive with two boxes and a feeder box if needed to get the swarm fed and happy at the start...not doing this to harvest ( though nothing wrong with that) just to keep healthy bees in our neighborhood


Where is the survey?

You should have gotten an email with the swarm survey. I will forward it along to you.

Can I get a copy of that too? I have the bee removal list but not the swarm list? What is the swarm list?

I saw no survey or list to add from links you sent
You sent me an email saying today is last day to join list fill out survey but I found nothing no links to swarm list as every one else as well can you please call me mime bee guy 5053214241 before deadline join list ty

I would like to be on the swarm list. SE

I filled out the survey but how can I find out if my name is on the Swarm List?  Lorene

I completed the survey how can I verifyy that I've been added to the list?


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