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Hi everyone!

I've had several people asking about the swarm list.  Please check your emails for the 'Beekeeping Practices' survey and the 'Swarm Survey'.  You MUST fill out the surveys to be added to the Swarm List that is referenced at the Extension Office when people call 311. Following that email is another email with forms for the Bee Removal List and Mentor/Mentee Match. The Bee Removal List is simply a list that people may reference when someone needs a removal, and/or when the swarm hotline is no longer active.  If your email on your account was not up to date, please update it and send me an email at so that I can send you the surveys and forms.  The deadline for filling these out is at midnight on March 16th.


Amy Owen

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Stephen you have been added.

Steve and Lorene - I checked the survey and I did not see you listed. You have to fill out both surveys (see link above). The deadline was March 16th but if you can get it filled out tomorrow I will add you. We cannot extend it any further. I apologize.

Stephen,  I can't find the link.  Lorene

I will go back to the original email and complete the survey.  Thanks, Lorene

On the survey there was only a yes or no choice for abailablity for capturing swarms.  I said yes but I work Wed, Thu and Fri. so I can't go out during those daytimes.  

That's fine. The list works on a rotating basis. So if you can't go they will go to the next person on the list. :)

I’m pretty sure I filled out both surveys and added my name to the swarm list but I do t see it- can anyone verify? 


You are on the list :)

Thanks John-

I didn't see my name on the "report a swarm" link above. I appreciate the response. 

Hi guys! I am volunteering at the Hotline this morning, and I need an updated Bee Removal list

(the one for traps and cut-outs).

I already have the updated swarm list for 2018, just not removals.


Can you message me your email and I'll send you an updated list with the Cut Outs and Trap Out contacts.

Sorry! I have been dealing with an aggressive dog (not mine) issue at home. Joshua said he would be there until 4:30. So, if you can get it to him... or the horticulturalist over there. Her email was

I tried to send an email but it didn't go through.  I did send a fax with the updated cut-out/trap-out list.  We should get a response tomorrow.  Thanks again for notifying us.


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