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Hello Beeks, 

there are two first-year Certified Beekeeping students who are looking for someone to mentor them. They are both from out of town.

One student is looking for someone to work with her here in ABQ when she comes down for class on a few Friday afternoons throughout the season (5/21, 6/4, 6/25, 7/16, and 8/6).

The second student is looking for someone who has experience with high-altitude beekeeping, as she lives at 8,000 ft.. She lives in Northern NM and is ideally looking for someone north of ABQ, but might be able to work with someone at a distance. 

If you are willing to mentor either of these students, please post below, or send me an email at

Thank you,


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Does high altitude make a difference?

Good question, Buckner. It is a shorter season, but otherwise, there is probably not a whole lot of difference. I do remember hearing a mountain beekeeper talking about how the bloom season was shorter, but more intense. I've only ever kept bees here in the valley. High altitude experience was her request.  I hope some others comment, too. 


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