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Greetings fellow beeks!

I am seeking submissions for a project called Wall of Honey, which will be displayed as part of Cross Pollination, an exhibition about bees and other pollinators, opening at 516 ARTS, August 19, in downtown Albuquerque. Here is more information about the exhibition:

Associated events can be found here:

I am asking for honey in unmarked/unlabelled jars, (except on the bottom) which can be returned to you at the end. The goal is to get honey from all over the city and surrounding area, and mark on a map where the honey came from so that people can see all the varieties of colors, and perhaps viscosity can be seen as well. I am aiming to get a 1 pint glass jar of honey from many beekeepers. The location of the hive the honey came from can be on a label on the bottom with your name, location, and contact information. If you're interested in being part of that for the exhibition, that would be great!

Deadline for submissions is August 7.

With immense gratitude,

Valerie Roybal

I can be reached at:

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Comb honey in a jar would be great too!


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