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I have several boxes of Walter Kelley hive foundation made of beeswax, for shallow hives - 17.25" x 5.25" x 2.125". I don't know if they are still useable, as honestly I have had them 30 years. We had hives in PA and kept the foundation in our garage, thinking we would get back into working with bees here, but never did. The foundation looks fine to my untrained eye and I would like to give them to a beekeeper if they are of any merit. The foundation is wired every few inches. There are two sizes:  they are 5" x 17" (2 boxes) and 9" x 17" (1 box). If they are too old, please recommend and I will toss them. I also have a vintage electric hot knife - it is not fancy but gets the job done. I will be happy to find a new home for these things.


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Hi, Im interested in these items if they're still available. Please contact me at 453-7180. Thanks! 


Hi John - I hadn't heard back yet; please email me if you are still interested. I'll give it through the weekend and if I don't hear from you, I will move ahead on the presumption that you have changed your mind. But thanks for your interest!


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