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I could not tell if they were asking for people who want a swarm and/or want to mentor- or it was a heads up about looking for that information in the near future...

I would LOVE a swarm, but feel I need mentoring and am not ready to mentor others...



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Hi Misty, that was a "save the date reminder." We will send out an email in a few weeks that will request whether you want to be a mentor or mentee or if you want to catch swarms. It will be sent out in a survey form, so keep your eyes posted.

Thank you for letting us know you needed clarification,

Jessie Brown


Thank you so much.  I'll bee looking for it...  :)


Hi Jessie...


As the anticipated survey nears- is there a way to get mentorship in collecting a swarm?



A great place to learn about collecting swarms is on Youtube.  If you put "bee swarm capture" in the search engine it will bring up hundreds of videos of people capturing swarms.  One guy in particular that is just amazing is "JPthebeeman"  use the search engine for his name and you will see how it is done from one of the best.  If you still feel uncomfortable, get on the list and contact me.  I am in Alb and most often available on short notice.  I can't commit to a full blown mentoring but would be happy to make a run or two with you to capture swarms.  It's super fun and not really too complicated.

Hi Darren,

What a kind hearted reply!!!!  Thank you...

I will indeed spend the weekend searching youtube for JPthebeeman...  Thank you for your offer on mentoring catching bee swarms in person...  I don't want to impose- but I think that is a wonderful idea if I am still unsure after my video education...  :)



Looking for swarm.  Have hive ready.

I too would like to find a mentor, being new to beekeeping.  it is the end of feb, and i have not recieved any info about it.  also, all the emails I get from this group seem to come from the future.......   this email in particular I recieved dated 6/22/2013.  never had this email situation before...




Gretchen Rieck, we'll be sending out the survey's tomorrow 2/29/13 and you will have a week to respond. I'm not sure why you are getting emails from the future. We'll look into it! 

um, there is no 2/29/13, but I get the idea.....  and the email I got today of your reply is dated 5/31/13.....   so I got this more recent email before I received that last email....?  (LOL)  wait,... maybe in whatever alternate universe you guys are in, does have a Feb 29th this year...

this is just to weird.  amusing, but weird.

Jesse, I must have missed the email too, since I didn't have a 2/29 either!



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