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I'm starting a non-profit to help educate and promote urban homesteading in the Albuquerque area, this would hopefully include urban beekeeping.  What would you like to see in a local shop?  What sort of help would you as a group want from this sort of organization?  I hope to help people find and utilize resorces and clubs already in place, and work with those organizations to help promote thier activities to the public.

Please give me your input:

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I've been doing this a long time, and the most important missing piece for me is that special and mysterious concoction of community: a place, the people, shared values, overlapping interests, trading of surplus, mutual support, lasting collaboration, and an occasional descarga or hoe-down!  Patrik, ecOasys

I set up a survey hopefully I'll be able to make the meeting to talk a little about what we are hoping to do and what we want to bring tothe community.

What a great idea to have this survey so you can find out what the beekeeping community wants in a store. 

I think the Abq area has a good bee community between the ABQBeeks and NMBKA lists, and the local meetings and field days.  Some times more choices reduce community not increase it.  I would like to see folks continue to maintain and build what we have.  If they are part of a bigger net work and directing people intersted in bees to the established sources or directing bee keepers with other interest to local established sources that would probably be helpfull.

As far as a local store, I would love it.  Things I would like to see offered would be basic needs or things you need on short notice: smokers, hats/veils, boxes, frames, eta.  It would also be nice to get hands on of different type/models of equipment before you buy, like trying on bee suits or comparing items. Of course if prices are too different many will just wait for it to ship, though I think many would be willing to pay a little extra to support local.

Canning supplies including re-sealable non bpa canning jar lids canning/dehydrating classes! And of course beekeeping tools! Yay! Good luck!


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