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We are seeing white pollen on ours bees, should we be concerned? This is our first winter with our bees.

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Elizabeth, my limited experience has shown pollen coming in the hive in all colors.  I would guess that white is probably from trees in your area getting an early start with the warm weather.  I see a few plants in my area trying to bud out.  Here's more info:

Thank you for the info and the link. Much appreciated
I've been seeing this too. I examined it a bit more closely, it's slightly yellow. I heard it was elm. Not in our area of Placitas - nothing is showing pollen but junipers. So I started researching and watching the bees. I've seen some in the junipers and some on the ground below trying to fill their corbiculae. I pretty confident in my area, they're using the juniper pollen even though I have heard folks tell me they won't do that. I think they'll use whatever they can get, but I decided to provide some pollen I havefrom flowering plants and placed it right near the entrance - in case it was just desperation they were after the juniper pollen. Some bees spent some time in the pollen I provided, but that has not been their preference. The bees know what they need way better than we do.
Thank you for you input, it is much appreciated


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